Vertigo can be associated with Parkinson’s disease, but it’s not one of the core motor symptoms. Here’s a breakdown:

Dizziness vs. Vertigo:

  • Dizziness: This is a general term that describes a feeling of lightheadedness, unsteadiness, or wooziness. People with Parkinson’s may experience dizziness due to various factors, like blood pressure drops or medication side effects.
  • Vertigo: This is a specific sensation of spinning or dizziness that can be quite disorienting. It’s caused by problems with the inner ear or the part of the brain that interprets balance signals.

Vertigo and Parkinson’s:

  • Not a Core Symptom: While vertigo isn’t a core motor symptom of Parkinson’s like tremor or stiffness, some people with the disease do experience it.
  • Possible Causes: There are a few reasons why vertigo might occur in someone with Parkinson’s:
    • Inner ear problems: A condition called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) can cause vertigo with certain head movements. This is more common with age, which can overlap with the typical age of Parkinson’s diagnosis.
    • Low blood pressure: Drops in blood pressure can trigger dizziness and sometimes vertigo. This can be a complication of Parkinson’s itself or a side effect of medications used to treat it.
    • Less Common Causes: In some cases, vertigo in Parkinson’s may be related to Lewy body dementia, which can sometimes occur alongside Parkinson’s.

If You Experience Vertigo:

  • It’s important to talk to your doctor, especially if it’s a new or recurring symptom. They can help determine the cause and recommend appropriate treatment.

Here are some resources you can explore for more details on Parkinson’s and vertigo:

Remember, while vertigo can be part of the Parkinson’s experience for some, it’s not a defining symptom. If you have any concerns, a healthcare professional can offer guidance and support.


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