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Parkinsons Walking Glasses

A Non-Invasive Wearable Device for People with
Parkinson’s to Dramatically Improve Posture,
Balance, Walking and Quality of Life

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A Discreet & Effective, Non-Invasive Wearable Device for People with Parkinsons

If Parkinson’s has affected your mobility, here’s some comforting news. You can lift up your head, straighten your shoulders, and walk confidently down the street – according to scientists at Robert Gordon University. Researchers found that Parkinson’s Walking Glasses led to longer strides, better balance, and less hesitation. And best all of – the results were immediate.

That’s because the glasses project a visual cue into the wearer’s field of vision. And that’s a breakthrough! Traditional visual cueing devices project images onto the floor – which leads to stooping and sometimes stumbling. But with Parkinson’s Walking Glasses, the image is projected at slightly above eye level – which means a straighter posture and less stumbling. 

Imagine that! Putting on a pair of glasses and walking down the street with confidence – just like you used to.  

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Parkinsons Stories

Anecdotal evidence would suggest that 85% of participants found the glasses beneficial with improvements noted in standing posture, improved gait pattern and reduced effort associated with walking
Early evidence from RGU Pilot Study

“GaitAR” is a medtech start-up company developing hardware and software solutions to augment the lives of people who have Parkinson’s, helping to improve their quality of life.

Gaitar is the only company that produces a medical device for Parkinsons mobility which also improves body alignment.

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Benefits of Parkinsons Walking Glasses

Walking & Mobility

Balance & Fitness

Independence & Confidence

Reduce Falls

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Parkinsons Walking Glasses


  • Discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Wear & Go Technology
  • 99% Invisible and Stylish
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How Does Parkinson’s Walking Glasses by GaitAR Help People with Parkinson’s

Visual cueing is something that has been commonly used in Parkinson’s Therapy Programs for many years, but has remained elusive to recreate a digital version of this phenomenon, until now.

At GaitAR we have worked tirelessly for 4 years to developed the first pair of smart glasses to deliver a visual cueing experience that actually works.

The Holographic image seen by the wearer helps improve their body’s alignment, walking gait and balance. Therefore, improving the wearers quality of life, independence and mental health.

Users of the Glasses have told us that their movement feels more controlled and smoother, easier and faster, whilst wearing the glasses and that it has a prolonged effect even when they remove the glasses. They also tell us that their confidence, cognition, sleep and mental health has improved and are now doing things that they have previously found difficult.

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Discreet Device

Parkinson’s Walking Glasses by GaitAR are discreet, looking like a normal pair of sports sun glasses allowing the wearer to be out and about in public and remain incognito.

“We knew from our experience, working with PD patients that to remain discreet and inconspicuous was their number one requirement when looking for a walking aid. Our hardware and software were to be 99% invisible, this became our “Number One Principal” and our biggest challenge”

Scott McLeod co-founder

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