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Parkinsons Walking Glasses

StrydAR’s Visual Cueing Walking Glasses
Could Dramatically Improve:
Posture, Balance, Walking and Quality of Life
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The Worlds First…

 Discreet and Non-Invasive Visual Cueing Walking Glasses

Researchers at Robert Gordon University conducted a Pilot Study and found that people with Parkinson’s had noted improvements in standing posture, improved gait pattern and reduced effort associated with walking, when wearing Strydar’s Visual Cueing Walking Glasses.
Many people who try our Glasses have instant improvements in Posture, Balance and Walking Quality

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Parkinsons Stories

“Previously I suffered from loss of balance, and to date I have not fallen while wearing the Smart Glasses. That for me is a massive bonus point. While wearing the Smart Glasses I keep the horizontal yellow line just above the level of people’s heads and this keeps my posture correct and my stride lengthens.  All of which is positive in my functioning.”

Eddie B.


“From the get-go of the trial my walking confidence has returned, and my posture has improved. I sleep better at night and the pain in my back is less frequent, I also feel the benefits after wearing the glasses.”

Isaac A.

“It’s the snowball effect I love – I walk better, I feel better, I sleep better, I’m losing weight, my symptoms are improving, and my energy levels are increasing. These glasses are truly life-changing for me…”

Diane M.

“I’ve only been using the glasses for a few weeks but am happy to report that my posture improved immediately and that’s continued to be the case. Other, less dramatic changes have included improved sleep and greater confidence when walking outdoors.”

Frankie, Whitley Bay

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“Parkinson’s Freezing,  is a condition where I feel my feet are glued to the floor and I cannot move at all, this has been a severe problem in the past for me, but with the “Walking Glasses” I estimate  a 70 to 80 % improvement.“

Eddie B.  Scotland

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Benefits of StrydAR Visual Cueing Glasses Could Include

Improve Walking Gait

Improve Balance

Independence & Confidence

Reduce Falls

Parkinsons Walking Glasses


  • Discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Wear & Go Technology
  • 99% Invisible and Stylish

What is Visual Cueing?

Visual Cueing is a method that has been used in clinics by NeuroPhysio’s all over the world for decades, it involves marking out a pathway on the floor in front of the patient using “Markers” such as lines of tape or pieces of paper, and when many patients walk over these markers, they display an instant improvement in stride length and speed.

What exactly is happening here?

Flexible Motor Control is controlled by the Basal Ganglia which in turn, is fueled by Dopamine, people with Neurological Movement Disorders lose the ability to create Dopamine which is the cause of their mobility symptoms.
Neurologists believe that Visual Cueing works by bypassing the impaired Basal Ganglia, sending a signal directly to the Motor Cortex which can instantly improve mobility.  Visual cues have been shown to improve gait significantly.

Strydar Glasses…

Our glasses project a Visual Cue Hologram into a spicific area of the wearer’s field of view, bypassing the part of the brain that’s impaired, sending a signal directly to the Motor Cortex instead. Our Patent Pending hologram, can instantly improve Posture, Balance, and the Quality of Walking for many people.

Discreet Device

Parkinson’s Walking Glasses by GaitAR are discreet, looking like a normal pair of sports sun glasses allowing the wearer to be out and about in public and remain incognito.

“We knew from our experience, working with PD patients that to remain discreet and inconspicuous was their number one requirement when looking for a walking aid. Our hardware and software were to be 99% invisible, this became our “Number One Principal” and our biggest challenge”

Scott McLeod co-founder

The StrydAR Visual Cueing Walking Glasses

Please Read:

The StrydAR Visual Cueing Walking Glasses are designed to deliver visual cues into the visual field of view of the wearer, with the aim of improving their posture, balance, and quality of walking. However, it is important to note that these glasses are not a medical device and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

By purchasing a subscription to StrydAR Parkinson’s Walking Glasses and Coaching, you acknowledge and agree that:

You are responsible for your own safety and well-being while using the glasses, and you will not hold StrydAR or its partners, agents, or affiliates liable for any injury or harm that may occur as a result of your use of the glasses.

You will not use the glasses while driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery, as they may impair your ability to see and react to your surroundings.

You will not use the glasses while in water, such as a shower, pool, or ocean, as they are not waterproof and could malfunction if exposed to water.

You will follow all instructions and warnings provided with the glasses, and you will not modify or tamper with the glasses in any way.

You will not use the glasses for any unlawful or improper purpose, and you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to their use.

By continuing to use our service, you agree to be bound by the above terms. If you do not agree to the above terms, please do not use this Service.