User Guidance – Parkinson’s Walking Glasses.

Q. How long should I wear the glasses for?

A. For the first few days we recommend that you only wear the glasses 2 sessions per day for no more than 30 minutes per session and sessions should be Morning, Late Afternoon or early Evening. This will allow you to get used to wearing the glasses and give us some baseline data to help coach you on your further usage.

Q. When should I wear the glasses?

A. You should wear the glasses when you are mobile, and it’s helpful if you carry out light energetic tasks such as – walking around the house and garden, carrying out household tasks, using a exercise machine such as a stationary bike or treadmill etc..

Q. How do I turn on the Glasses?

A. Put the glasses on, so that they are firmly against the top bridge of your nose, then lightly press your finger against the bridge part of the glasses (in the middle between the two lenses) keep your finger pressed down for 4 seconds until you see the digital image appear in the right lens of the glasses.

Q. What should I see when the glasses are on?

A. You will see a green line, this should appear in your right eye in your upper line of sight. If you do not see this line you will need to adjust the glasses until the line becomes visible.

Q. Do I need to focus my attention on the green line at all times?

A. No, it is not necessary for you to remain focused on the Green line (visual cue) once you start to move around it id okay for you to forget all about the green line. Your brian is still very awair that the line is there even though you are not focusing on it.

Q. What if I depend on a mobility aid?

We understand thatif you have become dependent on a mobility aid that you will not have the confidence to stop using it right away, but to get the full potential from the glasses the wearer should safely practise using the glasses without their mobility aid, gradually using it less and less.

Q. How will I know when I can wear the glasses for longer periods?

A. Once you become confident wearing the glasses, you and your StrydAR Coach will work together to find a Daily Usage that works best for you, such as, increasing the number of daily sessions, wearing the glasses for longer or for shorter periods per sessions.

Q. What if I wear prescription glasses?

A. The Parkinson’s Walking Glasses do not currently come with a prescription lens option, so a patient will need to remove their glasses before putting on the Parkinson’s glasses. They should give their eyes time to adjust.

Q. Will I get dizzy wearing the glasses?

A. Some wearers report that they have a feeling of motion sickness, this will soon pass. It is caused by the fluid in the inner ear adjusting to the body’s new alignment.

Q. If I have a positive experience with the glasses would I have an oppotunity to purchase a pair?

A. If you have had a posative experience wearing the glasses, we would make them available for you to purchase and this can be done in 2 ways:

  1. You can buy the glasses outright for £2000

  2. You can join our monthly subscription for £100 per month and continue to have access to one of our Coaches.