Step 1:

Terms & Conditions – Download this document and print the document off, sign it and send it back to us – Contact information is at the bottom of this page

Step 2:

Personal Release Form – We want people to find out about our Parkinson’s Glasses, If you want to join the mission and help us get our glasses out there to other people in the Parkinson’s community, then please download and sign this “Release Form” attachment, and send it back to us by email or post. By signing this it means you are agreeing to allow us to share your story with the wider world along with any content we receive like video and images.

Both forms above can be sent to you as paper copies if required.

Step 3:

Read these Questions & Answers before you start wearing the glasses, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to email or call us.
Questions & Answers >>>

Step 4:

We want to establish a baseline, so we require you to fill out this form, once per day for 3 days prior to you receiving your pair of Parkinson’s Glasses. Each time you click on this link it will open a blank form for you to fill out.

3 Day Pre-Glasses Questionnaire Form

Step 5:

As you have agreed to be part of the trial you are required to fill out his Daily Diary at least once every day for the 14 day period. Each time you click on the below link you will be given a new form to complete.

14 Day Daily Diary Questionnaire Form


We would also ask (if possible) that you film a before video and then an after video so that we have a visual record of any improvements.  Email them to us at



Contact Information:

Scott McLeod
James St
IV31 6BY

Email –

Mobile – 07890025721